The Koran Bolden Show

The Koran Bolden Show is the first television show created to help aspiring dreamers and community advocates soar to higher heights on topics of leadership, mental health and generational wealth. As the world attempts to reset and navigate through unprecedented times, the Koran Bolden Show helps it's viewers cancel the noise of fear and self doubt with the hopes that they will rise up and lead with a new faith to light the world on fire for future generations to come.

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Meet Our Leader

Koran Bolden Sr.

Koran Bolden is a national youth motivation speaker, author and entrepreneur who is inspiring youth and young adults to live life beyond ordinary. He is the owner of the Bold Moves Agency and the founder of The Bold Futures Foundation that makes equitable investments in community projects that help eradicate mental health stigmas and closes the generational wealth gap in urban and underserved communities, using the arts and entertainment.

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